Saturday, November 27, 2004

Pissed Off

I am so pissed off. There is a fucking piece of shit on earth that actually broke my Ipaq’s screen without saying a word. Just nothing and the person broke the screen of one of the most important object in my life. Can you believe that? Son of a bitch. I can’t imagine doing that and then run away. It all happened this afternoon. I use the Ipaq this morning to update so data in the calendar and then before lunch I put it in my drawers. For some reason that I don’t really remember the ipaq has been took out of these drawers. It was actually by me because I was eating my lunch in front of my computer and my boss came to me to talk about a meeting. Then black out. I know I was talking and I know I went away of my desk for about 1h30 and then at my desk for a while but in a meeting, after I took my ipaq to find out that a mother fucker working in the same office as me just broke the screen of it. I know it’s not me because I would have noticed and I am really careful about it. It must have been someone else. It’s not a crack, it’s like if something fell on the screen, heavily fall to give a point break at the top left corner of it.
It pisses even more, because in the last week I have been working on the way to improve my life with the Ipaq. So I go this keyboard, which is a great purchase. Then, while I was in starbucks on Saturday I thought about new categories to use it. It sounds dorky, I know but it’s the way I feel happy about organizing my life. I even planned ahead and thought about how I will use it in our trip to Australia. Fuck that pisses me off. I don’t know what I can do. Probably nothing, but still, I have to think about a plan B. and make sure that people at work know what happened.
Ok, I might have left it on my desk and I shouldn’t have, but still, you don’t do that and at least you are responsible for your act.
Ass hole!!
I have, in a way, to yell my anger so I can feel less depressed about that. OK, I know I could buy another Ipaq because it’s something I can more or less afford. Even if it’s very expensive I would have to suffer a bit and not buy anything for the next 6 month so I could feel less disgusted about the fact that I had to buy something because of a stupid piece of shit that does not deserve to live on this planet. But still, I think I need it and I don’t think I could live without this tool as it helps me organize and keep track of my life. So now I don’t really know what bothers me more: the fact that a mother fucker broke my screen or the fact that I feel helpless without it. In a way it sounds sad, when I read the previous sentence, as that means that I can’t really live without something helping me and that I need to be assisted all the time. Ture and very true. But I have a very busy life, and I don’t say that to be pretentious. I have a lot of things going through my mind and if I don’t catch all these things then I have a feeling of frustration that keeps me away from going forward. And you will agree that not being able to go forward in your life is something you don’t want to feel. So it’s probably both of the facts that disgust me.
I’m going away for 2 days for work and I had planned to blog a bit in the hotel room at night because it is something I like doing. When I say blog, it means blog, on my Ipaq, with my keyboard. Well I will not be able to do that. So annoyed by that.
I don’t even want to work!!!
I am thinking about nothing and I just stay bla. It’s been like that since I left work. I wasn’t even stressed about the fact that I was so fucking late. I also become very bad in my language, as you may have noticed since the beginning of the text.
My wife is going to call HP tomorrow to know how much it would cost to get it repaired. But for sure, if it’s about £150, I will buy another one and complain all the time at work. Who could have done such a thing? I think I have my ideas, but I am sure that I am almost wrong since I base my judgment on some point of view I have about these persons. Is it clear or not? I don’t think so, but I don’t care, I know what I am talking about.
I don’t even know if I could stop writing about that tonight. I moved from the lounge of the airport to the gate and now in the plane, and I am still writing about the piece of shit that broke someone else’s belonging. But now I have to turn it off as we are soon taking off.
See you soon…

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Is it real? I just read in the newspaper that Mariah Carey said once:
"Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, i'd love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff"
How can you be as stupid as that? She's hot but she is so dumb...

Blog Blog

I think i am the kind of guy that is more a thinking guy. At least I wish. Sometimes I am thinking about stuff and I realize that I have specific point of views. But I never really say them or even write them down. That's why I started this blog. Because I thought I would write more and more about all my thoughts. At the beginning it was call "In the Mind of Jules". Then I changed it, but in the way the purpose is the same, I want to share my thoughts with the world, or at least with the people reading my blog. Not too many and probably nobody. But I have faith and I am sure that eventually I will find someone to share my point with.
Now that I have this keyboard for my ipaq, I think I will be more active on the blog side. It already happened. I wrote a big amount of things since last week. I am pretty happy. I will do even more soon since I will have it for the trip to australia. So get ready. The problem will be that I will not be able to post at the same time I write, but I think it's worth waiting.
Another thing is, the blog is going to be an ipaq blog. From now on, I will only write on the ipaq and not on the computer. I feel more free when I write on the ipaq, I have less the sensation of losing time in front of the computer. That's what happened when I stopped writing the blog. I felt like I was wasting time at night in front of the computer all the time. Especially when you think that I spend most of my day in front of one. The ipaq, is in a way a computer but doesn’t have all the feature a computer has. For example, I can not go on the internet with the ipaq. And I think internet is one of the main thing why I feel like I loose my time. If you don't know where you are going on the internet, you get lost easily. A bit like if you don’t know where you are going in a big city. And the 2 of them are as unsafe.
So the conclusion of that all is that I am going to be much more active in my thoughts writing for the good of .... Me and the rest of the world who wants to share their point of view. Ambitious for the second part, but a bit of ambition never killed anyone.


So it took me one hour to go to work today. A lot compare to what I used to do. OK, I moved and it's a bit further away now, but still. It all started with the bus running late, as usual, especially the one on that route. Anyway, about 15 minutes late. Then I went to the tube station and hoped on the first train in the station. Well done, I thought. I have to change once to get to the correct station. There I had to wait for about 15 min. Which is absolutly long. Anyway, the guy at the station kept claiming that there were delays on the district line due to a failure of signal in XXXX station. Fine, but you know how many times I have heard that thing about failure of signal? Probably everyday. I think the tube people in london really need to check why they have delays and see what they can do for that. I am sure some people there are sensible about that. because how can london be sure that they can have the olympics with such an unreliable transportation system? I don't know. And come on, it can't be that hard to take actions to fix this signal failure all the time. But I was thinking, sometimes I am sure that it is not a signal failure but maybe a came to work too late because of traffic jam, or maybe because the tube was late, haha!
I mean, is there some bad guys in the city that go on each signal they find on the network and, each day, they try to break one so thousands of people will be late at work. It would be funny to know what drivers and tube workers think about the service they provide.
But even if I complain, I am happy to use the public transportation as it is much better for the environment, a good gesture for humanity, in a way...

London Tube Tales

I have another thing to say about the tube and I think I will be able to write one thing about the tube every single day I will be in london. so on wednesday it was a failure in the signal. Well on thursday it was "some sort of signal failure". Which is funny in a way, because of the some "some sort of" phrase. Then yesterday there was a fire somewhere.
So so far, the annoucement I had at the tube station from the Underground were

Signal Failure 2
Fire 1

In 3 days. Pretty good. I will keep tracking the problems. So much fun.

When I was in paris, I started to wrtie about the metro there on my book. There is so much to say about the smell, the people, the things happening. I am actually surprised that there is nobody who wrote a book about that. Well I am sure there si someone who did but probably nobody wants to publish it!
Well let's try here.


I lost what I wanted to say. so annoying. Sometimes when I am in the middle of the street or anywhere actually I think about an idea I would like to write in the blog. I even say to myslef "this one is very good for the blog". Then of course I do other things and when the time comes to write for the blog, I forgot it. So I miss chances to write interesting things. Well interesting at the time I thought about it. Not too interesting now since I don't remember it. I think there was one about the sheet in a grown man's bed room. That's the discussion I had this morning with one of my friends. Very interesting ideed. you want to know what it was? Very good. We have to buy sheets in super king size. Because the new house has huge beds. The kind of bed where I have to look for my wife in. You know? The kind of bed that makes you plan your trip back to your side like "hum, I shouldn't stay yo late because it's going to take me ages to come back to my side and it will probably dark on the way, spooky". I don''t think it's the kind of bed good for sex relationship. Too far away, no physical contacts and so on. Anyway, back to the main topic. So the sheet. We have to buy huge sheet. Just so everybody knows a super king size bed is 180x200. Not very common. We went to a lot of places including argos, the best place in the UK to buy anything. Well argos sells super king sizes mattress but not the sheet. Weird. So we have to look for them. Thinking about that, made ME think about one thing. What if you walk into a 50 year-old man's bedroom and you see that the guy has a barbie duvet cover. What would you think? Well my friend thinks it's a weirdo. Not really agreed, especially if the rest of the bedroom looks fine and normal for a man that age. Maybe it bought that because it was cheap and didn't want to spend too much money on such a thing as sheet. Or maybe he had to take the sheet that one of his kids didn't want anymore. Iit's better than throwing it away (i would cut it and make towels to clean the house). now if you come into the same room and all over the place there is barbie dolls, then the guy is defenitely a weirdo. Hope I will never see such a thing. If I ever do I will say something to the guy! And also why would I walk into a 50 year-old man's bedroom? No thanks...


My flat mate just got his boxes from the moving. He has soooooo many CDs. I feel like ... I don’t know, but it feels weird. does it really? I don't know. Why would it fell weird?


I read in a magazine that we produce at least half a pint of sweat every night. Doesn’t it sound like too much? I think so. It would be so much and we would be so dehydrated in the morning. Not that we are not, I know we are, but still, it sounds like a lot.
It was an article that said if we sleep in a second hand bed/mattress, it would take the shape of the previous person and also it would keep half a pint of sweat per night.
What happen to that sweat? Interesting to think about. Good thing that there is a physical phenomenon called evaporation. Thank god. The only thing remaining is then all the salt kind of stuff on the mattre. Gross you said? Yep, agreed, but what can we do?

House Sharing

Living for the first time the house sharing experience. It is not bad. Although I have to say that the guy we are linving with is not home very often. Actually since he moved in, he slept in just for two weekends. The rest of the time is away for business trip. So it's just me and my wife. Very good. We don't know yet how it is going to be for the house and stuff like expenses and so on. I doubt it's going to be a pain. We already agreed that we are not going to have a shared food storage. A bit silly. Which is good in a way. Because I,and my wife neither, want to do that because in a way it feels like a bit of teenager action. We are not anymore. We are old! in a way. So the house sharing is good. The thing we have to keep doing is the intimate time we have together. Very important that. I am convinced that if you don’t have anymore communication with your wife/girlfriend the couple is not going well and will probably not go to far.
That was one of my worries. The fact that being in a house with other people would make our sentimental life a bit more difficult. But its not the case. It's the same, almost the same. Just little adaptation when the people are around. if our roomate is around, then we go in the bedroom and stay on the huge bed. And so on. No more shower together. No that's not true, we still do and we will still do. It's another very intimate moment that I love. Just being naked and having a shower, talking about your day and planning the future (near and far away) is really good. Then a tea, a book and the night can finish easily and nicely.
So in the end we are happy. The new house is bigger and I have to say a bit nicer. Even if we can't really compare the 2 houses as the old one was a very english-style house in a terrace street and the new one is more in a building on a busy road. But we have more room in the house, much more.
I think house sharing is something everybody should do at least once in their life. Just as an experience. it's so important for the social life and to know how to compromise. If you live all the time by yourself you get habit of people by themselves. You know what I mean? If you leave by yourself you do whatever you want without caring about the others. Bad. When you live with someone else than your boy/girlfriend or wife/husband you have to learn how to live thinking about how other people are going to react. For example if you make a big fart or if you have the bad habit, like me, to leave your q-tips on the bathroom sink. My wife hates it, but since it's me, she doesn't really mind, although she yells at me when I do it. But now I don't how the flat mate is going to react if I do that. So learn how to live with other, in a flat/house, is a pretty good experience.

Sunday, November 14, 2004


Just coming back from the restaurant. Had a pretty good food. It was Wagamama. They have asian food. I am sure I can do the same thing at home. It like bread. So I started to make bread at home. It's easy. Well it takes a bit of time to make it, but in the end it brings a lot of satisfaction. One you are eating something good (if you are good at it). Then it's cheaper than buying it at the supermarket or the baker. And at last, you feel happy that you have made something. You know you have actually made something. Even if it's bad. You fell happy.
You know what I have noticed in the UK? They have no prpoer bakery like we have in france. Weird isn't it? It's all about culture. It would be completely ou of mind for a french person, not to have a baker in town. So weird. Actually it would be a lost world for us. No bakery. Man, that's would be weird. Now that I say it, I will look outside in the UK looking around differently.


i'm on the toilet seat at the moment and trying to enjoy the writing my blog. But since I just moved house, it is now a bit harder to write. there is no stand for the keyboard. So here goes my dream of blogging in the best place in the world. It is THE most quiet place in the world. But I will find another place for that.
Oh, I have to remember to write about my new flat mate exoerience.

Going to bed

It's time for me to go to bed and I want to write a bit in my blog. For that I don't have to go on the internet or spend time trying to write on the ipaq. No. I have my bluetooth keyboard that rocks big time.
Sometimes I am thinking about all these radio frequencies going in the house and wondering if it's not too bad for us. It's probably not good. But who cares it's great to be able to enjoy things like writing on the bed on a bluetooth keyboard. I love it.

New Blog

So here it is now. I just bougth a bluetooth keyboard that I can use on my ipaq. It's going to change my life, you can believe it. I will be able to write my blog at any time on my ipaq instead of going on my computer and sit in front of it feeling like I am wasting my time. The problam with the computer is that you have to turn it on and then wait until it's fully ready to work and then write. But the thing is, especially with me, is that if I have an internet connection I start to go on the internet and check stupid things. That's the problem. Now, we the keyboard I can just turn on the ipaq, create a new email and then go write a bit and here it is, a new record in my blog, or an email, or anything to be honest. I love technology and especially connectivity!

Saturday, October 23, 2004


When we say we are going at 100 miles per hour, is it compare to the ground or is it compared to the speed of the earth? Very good question i think. But it's only my opinion. I 'll think about that Or bit more later this week.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Email Test Again

Just a quick test of my email settings
Da Man

Monday, October 11, 2004


i baked my own bread. very good. although i had problems at the begining, especially with the yeast. i think i used cold water. i should have used warmer one. also when i mixed the water and the flour. it should have been warmer. the thing is that if you put the water too warm, then it can kill the yeast, too cold and the yeast will take a long time to act. so i was in the second case. very frustrating. oh! and i forgot the salt. but just imagine how good it is to bake your own bread every week. it's cheap and good because you can do wahtever you want.
i will keep going.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Benefit of Music

music is very important to have. when you think about it.


i just bouhgt white tea, because apparently it's better than any other tea. even the green tea. i read that in a magazine. so i bought it. probably some industrial boss wanted to promote the white tea because he had shares in a tea company, so he asked his friend at the magazine place to wirte an article about that. very smart. i wish i was powerful.

Idea Book

I think i already wrote something about that earlier in this blog. but i have to adapt it. we of course need it to wirte the famous ideas. but on the other side, i can't really rely on a notebook all the time. even if it's my backup. so i created a small file in my ipaq, the new one, with a list of ideas i have and i will have in the future. so i am officially a dork!!